The Italian startup Windcity, founded and directed by Dr. Tommaso Morbiato, member of WINERCOST Action (TU1304) and lead of the Working Group 2, was awarded on June 7th, 2017 in Brussels with the first prize in "Green" category at the StartUp Europe Awards SEUA 2016. Windcity won the prestigious award funded by the European Parliament and the European Commission in collaboration with Finnova Foundation, thanks to the innovation introduced by its variable geometry wind turbines, allowing to maximize the energy harvested in variable winds, e.g. as found in the urban environment.

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, opened the final ceremony of StartUp Europe Awards 2016. “We should cultivate good ideas and help them to grow. We need to invest more in new technologies and create a genuine European single market where our young companies can develop”, assured Tajani. StartUp Europe Awards presents a prize methodology for startups at local, regional and national level, fostering the open innovation and the collaboration between the different actors of the European ecosystems, through the private-public partnership to support entrepreneurs.